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135:365 iPhonefoto & utsnitt

Posted in 365foton2009, Färg, Foto, iPhone, Polaroid, Utsnitt by Stina on 15 maj 2009

Den här veckan blir det inte bara nytt tema (utsnitt) utan även ”ny” teknik. Jag behöver spara både tid och min högra tennisarm, så jag kommer att arbeta med bilder från min iPhone. Utmaningen blir att göra dem så intressanta som möjligt.

Utsnitt 1

To save time and also my hurting right arm, I’ve opted not only for a new theme – cut out – this week, but also for trying out using my iPhone as a camera and still making interesting shots. It’s a challenge per se…

Theme of the week: cut out.


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  1. tmcchesney said, on 18 maj 2009 at 13:21

    I can’t believe you took that w/ your phone! I need to play w/ mine a bit! Love how you turned this ordinary picture in to an art piece! Nice job!

  2. Julie McLeod said, on 03 juni 2009 at 21:44

    I have been away a while and see that I’ve missed a lot of photos from you. You will have to stop posting such great work, though, because I can’t stay here all day commenting! 😉

    I like the mood created here.

  3. Stina said, on 04 juni 2009 at 7:50

    Thank you, Julie, that is so uplifting. I so love your comments, and it is part of what makes me going, it truelly is. I just wish I had your energy to write comments, myself!!! Especially knowing how much it means!


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